I don't know if we can contribute the 2M USD pipeline increase only to the course but the sales training certainly has had its role in the meetings I've had with TLF to discover new opportunities. Use it carefully, else my boss will instantly increase my target : )

— Gerco Shoemaker

Thanks John. I sold two houses to people at the weekend following the course. Normally I would have assessed their need for so much detail as 'tyre kickers'. I didn't and they bought!

— Margaret Allen, Sales negotiator

I found the overall content was great.

John kept the class entertaining and positive always using the sandwich approach in his critiques. Enjoyed the personality piece and learning to communicate at other people's level.
Seeing everyone's pitches helped me see where I could improve and where the weaknesses are in the team's approach

Overall, excellent training and I am fired up.

— Scott Stricklen, US, Sales Manager

Our staff should always explore customer needs and provide them with the complementary services we can provide. This course has helped to give people the skills and confidence to use their knowledge to the mutual benefit of the customer and the company.

— Lesley Cochrane, Branch Manager

General Courses

Presentation Skills


Thanks again for a most enjoyable & informative couple of days training, a different delivery style to presentation training that I have had in the past, but with the success of the candidates on the final day, obviously a very effective one, you should be justifiably proud of a job well done.

— Don Howie, Gleeson Homes

Hi John

I hope you had a fantastic break away.

I just wanted to say thank you for a great course you held for us and that I really appreciate all the comments you gave me. You've given me a lot of confidence and I want to thank you for that.

I look forward to meeting again soon.

All the Best.

— Yaeger Maria Rolfe

I learned more in two days than in two years at university.

— Alex White, H & S Director

I now know how to negotiate so that everybody wins. It has also been useful in helping me understand how my priorities conflict with my boss's and vice versa.

— Joanne Kirk, National Operations Manager

Negotiation Skills Comments/observations
a)How would you rate course content Excellent.

Very good, pertinent to my day to day needs. John shaped the course to suit all candidates by using actual examples supplied pre course.

Excellent definitely gave me a better understanding of the preparation and process that I should follow before and during any negotiation where that be internal or external. John also covered how to be more assertive which I believe we all benefited from this additional topic.

Excellent. I felt that the course was tailor made for us as a group and also as individuals.

Very good.

I really enjoyed the merge of negotiation with assertion in a manner that was simple to follow. The way action points we discussed made the content real to everyday life.
b) How would you rate your trainer in the following areas:
Preparation Excellent

Very good. John asked pre course for what I would like addressed and my objectives.

I think the preparation was great as it made the course more specific to our individual needs.

Very good

Very good

Course delivery Excellent

Just right, John took into account my objectives

Great, John managed to create an informal atmosphere where as people felt more confident in voicing their opinion and experiences.


Very good

Very well presented in a non-formal manner
Encouraging interaction Excellent

Every time

I feel the interaction formed the basis for some of the discussions we had throughout the day

Very much so

Very good

Worked really well with the people involved
Pace and timing Excellent

Pace was good. A lot covered in the time allocated

I thought the course seemed to flow throughout the day

although we did cover additional topics such as assertiveness skills it never felt rushed.

Very good


c) What was your overall assessment of the course? The course exceeded my expectations as I thought that the course was extremely helpful and focused on each delegate's experiences rather than just general negotiation skills. John adapted the course slightly ,due to feedback he received prior to the course, to include assertiveness skills which I think was appreciated by all of us attending as it was something that we all felt we could improve on.

The course has prompted me to be more proactive and request a meeting with my manager in order to discuss my workload.

Very good. The course was shaped for my needs using examples I could relate to in my role.

I really enjoyed the course and believe it to be very pertinent to my current job. It will allow me to prepare better for issues I face on a daily basis.

I believe the preparation prior to the course was what made the course so specific and beneficial.

I would definitely this to others.

I thought the course was excellent. We were made to interact and give viewpoints and encouraged to give real examples as to how to handle situations. At the end of the course I have to say that I did feel very positive and am now trying to implement my action points. I did feel that by doing the course I had achieved something. I think that a one to one follow up would also be good.

A very informative course that was clearly targeted to us as opposed to a generic course

The course helped me think a bit more about preparation for various meetings, chats and day to day communication to that I can stay in control of a situation and not be sidetracked.

Managerial Courses

I thought the course content was extremely useful and relevant to the GEM programme. The training course was very intense, huge amounts of information to absorb. John encouraged lots of interaction throughout the course to ensure that all delegates were involved and benefitted from the information supplied. Role play was encouraged for the delegation and LEARN process aspects of the course to ensure that our delivery/understanding of various tasks was assessed and further advice/ support and guidance could be provided. Most importantly, my personal objectives and key issues were addressed and fulfilled on the training course.

— Toni Dunn, Branch Manager

All of the questions and my concerns were addressed by the course. The content was in depth, concise and exceeded my expectations. My knowledge of 'Gem' at the beginning of the day was very limited. By the end of the day, I had grown in confidence and have a greater understanding of the expectations and how I am to introduce the programme.

— John Hobbs Hurrell, Branch Manager

Hi John,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "Thanks" for an excellent course. The course was really useful.

— Sharon McIndoe, Head of Support

Thank you so much for the chat on Wednesday, I really enjoyed the course and everyone came away with high praise for you as always. I am disappointed that you will not be taking all the courses but I have written that in my feedback.

— Stacey Bristow, Area Manager

Team Building

Hi John,

Just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday. It was a really useful day with some quite scarily accurate insights, I'll definitely pursue the communication types and give thought to how effectively I'm communicating with the different types in my team.


— Steve Warrington
Head of Projects
LexisNexis UK Practice Management

John was, as always, a superb facilitator and team builder.

— Sally Hanson, Marketing, MF

Thank you John, your job was, as always, well done and very helpful for the entire Italian team.

I think we reached at least two goals:
building a better team relationship
knowing ourselves and each other better.

I do think the sales and the marketing team will take advantage on your course and the benefits will be directly reflected in revenue increase.

Best regards,

— Maurizio Massimi
Italian Country Manager

John, just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your time yesterday. I very much enjoyed the day and initial feedback from the team is that they enjoyed it and have taken away new skills around team work and communication which was our aim. I shall canvas the group for specific feedback and pass that on.


— Marcus Hutchinson BSc (hons)
Development Manager
LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

Customer Service

These courses have influenced greatly the way all of our staff now view their customers. We have seen significant improvements in our customer satisfaction levels and increased sales as a result.

— John Fitzgerald, Managing Director

Through this course I learned to empathise more with customers, understand their internal pressures and help provide a more mutually acceptable solution. Everybody was happy and they even apologised for the strength of feelings expressed.

— Ashraf Sheikh, Key account manager

Our standards for taking and making calls are usually very good. This course means that everyone is aware of the need for consistent high standards for all of our customers.

— John Dick, Head of Operations