Curran Associates – Future Leaders Programme


Developing Leaders

In developing leaders for our business, it is imperative that managers are equipped to motivate staff at all levels, can handle the differing intellectual capacities, the diversity of cultures and complexity of issues with practical, commercial, common sense.

Curran Associates has worked with employees within these kinds of businesses for 20 years

Leadership Qualities

For companies aspiring to be market leaders, gaining growth requires people to be credible and enterprising. They must be capable of developing and articulating a shared vision at many different levels simultaneously – thus focusing on execution with integrity. The right thing, with the right people, in the right way at the right time.

John Curran works to develop and enhance skills and innate aptitudes by offering strategic, tactical and individual programmes that encourage:

  • Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • Encouraging the Heart
  • Challenging the Process
  • Modelling the Way
  • Enabling others to Act


At a strategic level we will work to develop the business by building and developing teams, improving the dynamic and clarifying the message. Thus ensuring that everything we do is facing the customer with a commitment to external focus. In other words, how to engage with customers, markets and co-workers at a collective and personal level?

At a tactical level there will be personalised programmes for specific groups focusing on improving the skills levels and consistency across the team.

At a personalised level there will be programmes designed to develop leadership and emotional intelligence through individualised programmes, coaching and ‘confidential friend’ activities.


  • Developing the team through the Leader
  • Developing the Leader through the team
  • Developing performance through the new dynamic

“As leaders of major businesses and business organizations, we are absolutely committed to investing in training... We must not pay the price of failing to invest in the talent on which our future will be built.”

“Now is precisely the time to keep investing in the skills and talents of our people.”

Sir Michael Rake, Chairman, British Telecom Group

Sir Stuart Rose, Chairman, Marks and Spencer

Mervyn Davis, Chairman, Standard Chartered

Richard Lambert, Director General, Confederation of British Industry