Employment Engagement


Building Expertise, Inspiring Excellence

The single most important asset to any company is people. The best people, working in harmony and in a common cause, create the best and most successful companies.

In today’s high pressure, fast moving business environment, every single employee – from the board room downwards – must harness the best of their abilities to contribute to the success of their company. This means more than employees having the knowledge and skills to do their job effectively. It means being inspired to excel.

Led by marketing and driven by sales, under a unique brand identity, ensuring customer satisfaction and organizing for success, these are just a few of the challenges that face all companies as they grow and build for the future. But this begins and ends with the people that are at the heart of any company.

Ideas abound in every department of every company. Ensuring that the best ideas are captured, nurtured and used to the benefit of the company demands exceptional communication, infrastructure, process management and flawless execution.

The expertise of Curran Associates brings a fresh, robust and long term positive influence to your people and your company.

Our goal is to educate, activate and inspire the best to be better, turning the good into great.

Employee engagement is crucial in maintaining a thriving business. It is imperative that its focus is on the right people, at the right time and in the right way.

Our objectives are to improve your business by:

  • Helping develop and support the senior leadership team
  • Facilitating significant, positive change within the existing culture
  • Assisting your HR Business Partner in change management
  • Providing training and mentoring services to assist the integration and effective working of your staff and the various departments
  • Encouraging staff to engage more with their customers – internal and/or external

Our strategy often includes all or elements of the following:

Understanding the dynamics of the business The emphasis here is on understanding and mapping out working relationships between the senior leadership team members, their staff, different departments, and customers
Formal Training Senior Leadership Team
Middle management / Team Leader teams / Cross Functional teams (departmental/interdepartmental as appropriate)
Personal Development VPs/GMs/MDs & Senior Leadership Team
Others as appropriate perhaps including nominated employees from the Talent Matrix
Attendance at and facilitation of management meetings as appropriate Senior Leadership, Departmental and Cross Functional Meetings
Project based work & future strategy Facilitating cross departmental activities and creating a template linking Personal Development Plans to managing by walking about (MBWA) for management
Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities to guide individuals on their work related issues as a ‘confidential friend’



"John Curran has taken a newly formed team and enabled them to better cooperate and communicate with each other, massively improving their ability to operate as a team, and consequently, positively impacting the efficiency and morale of the whole business.

In addition to cementing the relationships of the teams as a whole, John has also assumed the role of mentor to many individuals. He possesses an insight of character which allows him to home in on potential sticking points and clear strengths and a diplomacy which means people quickly feel at ease with him and take his feedback constructively."

Tim Cheadle, General Manager, LexisNexis

"I feel like we are more of a team than at any point over the last year."

HR Business Partner

"I found the session really beneficial and I am really happy to be involved with this."

Project Manager