Customer Services


In a time of recession, excellent customer service is vitally important. Repeat business is crucial to many businesses and will help survive these difficult times.

Many businesses, including Curran Associates, focus on keeping customers by ensuring that they deliver their client’s business imperatives. Building long-lasting relationships is the key for many businesses.

Curran Associates can help you to deliver excellent customer service to you customers in three ways:

  • Strategically though our ‘Go the Extra Mile’ (GEM) programme
  • Tactically through ‘Smart Selling’
  • Individually through our ‘Customer First’ initiative

These programmes have been developed with individual clients from different sectors over the years to maximise customer loyalty and successfully increase revenue


Go the Extra Mile


  • To identify how to increase customer loyalty in every service we offer
  • To ensure that everyone in the company focuses on the customer in everything they do
  • To benchmark and recognise the savings we make for the customer
  • To communicate to customers the true value of the service they receive
  • To ensure that we motivating and recognise staff achievements
  • To create a 'can do' culture within the business
  • To help staff recognise that the must take personal responsibility for the service they provide


Smart Selling


  • To improve the selling skills of staff
  • To emphasise the importance of selling the full range of products on offer
  • To have a consistently positive attitude to all customers and improve repeat business
  • To share the full range of options available to staff as they serve their customer base
  • To improve morale through the reiteration of the importance of the role they perform.
  • To therefore improve revenue for the Company

Attitudinal Aspects

  • The right ‘selling’ attitude. The key SMART attributes of being creative, and innovative
  • Overcoming reticence or shyness to sell
  • Taking personal responsibility for providing the best selling experience for the customer
  • Being ‘alive’ to opportunities
  • Being motivated and seeing the importance of selling yourself and your company
  • Constantly striving to keep up to date with and use product knowledge
  • Being open to changing your style in relation to advice from others
  • Recognising where the business used to be and where it is now
  • Knowing what the Company’s priorities are
  • Recognising where the revenue is coming from now and focusing on these
  • Realising that each individual can take personal responsibility for increasing it
  • Recognise that by doing so your own personal remunerations will be enhanced through Company Incentives
  • Regaining pride by recognising the value your service can bring to the customer as well as the Company.


Customer First


  • To understand the need for excellent customer service
  • To understand the need for a consistent approach to all of our customers
  • To develop skills associated with building excellent relationships with customers
  • To improve our skills in handling difficult situations
  • To learn how to portray a positive attitude at all times
  • To enhance our problem solving skills
  • To understand and utilise the information gathered about our products, policies and customer surveys


Messages to staff


  • Don’t make empty promises
  • Follow up and check delivery of our promises
  • Look the customer in the eye
  • Acknowledge mistakes / apologise


  • Be knowledgeable
  • Be accurate
  • Be C.C.C.
    • cool, calm, collected
    • clear concise communication
    • confident, competent, co-ordinated
  • Be part of a team
  • Be professional
  • Take pride
  • Be respectful
  • Give leadership and direction
  • Recognise achievement
  • Give praise
  • Listen


  • Positive self satisfaction / happy
  • Show commitment, be proud of product / brand
  • Take ownership
    • see it through / urgency
  • Image / think it
    • it will happen
  • Not just what you say, but the way you say it


  • Smile
  • Listen
  • Enquire
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Sincere build up trust
  • Responsive
  • Care / be interested / empathy
  • Commitment follow through deliver
  • Clean environment / workplace

Team and Teamworking

  • Developing a praise culture
  • Sharing goals
  • Having fun
  • Effective communication
  • Confidence and co-ordination
  • Shared responsibility
  • Honesty and realism
  • Winning, praising success
  • Encouraging competitiveness