Our Services

There are hundreds of companies in the UK alone who can provide these, so how can you make sure you pick a provider who will both deliver on your requirements and exceed your expectations?

Within Curran Associates there is a wealth of experience, knowledge and techniques you can draw upon to increase the effectiveness of your organisation.

Future Leaders

In developing leaders for our business, it is imperative that managers are equipped to motivate staff at all levels, can handle the differing intellectual capacities, the diversity of cultures and complexity of issues with practical, commercial, common sense.


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is crucial in maintaining a thriving business. It is imperative that its focus is on the right people, at the right time and in the right way.


Customer Services

In a time of recession, excellent customer service is vitally important. Repeat business is crucial to many businesses and will help survive these difficult times.


Team Building

Building and maintaining high morale within a team is crucial. The need for flawless execution of the strategy is critical to any business. One way to guarantee performance is to have a team that respects each other, sees the interdependencies between each other and sees the part they play in the success of the business.



The programme is based on the traits and behaviours of admired and effective leaders from a large number of industries and sectors world-wide.


Other Services

Coaching and mentoring

We pride ourselves in unlocking potential to maximise performance through coaching. As mentors we take special interest in helping others to develop into successful professionals.


We have a proven track record of facilitating of meetings of groups to plan the strategic direction of the business, department or events.

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