Business to Consumer Sales Course

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Duration: 1 Day

"Thanks John. I sold two houses to people at the weekend following the course. Normally I would have assessed their need for so much detail as 'tyre kickers'. I didn't and they bought!"

Margaret Allen, Sales negotiator

Course Overview

This course was designed for sales negotiators within the house building sector.

Course Objectives
  • To understand and practise good customer relationship techniques
  • To use effective questioning strategies
  • To close contracts more effectively and to the mutual benefit of all concerned
  • To know how to qualify 'in' and 'out' clients effectively
  • To know how to progress a sale through commitment
  • To develop a toolkit of strategies to become a more effective sales person
Course Agenda
Client relationship management
  • What do we need to know & why?
  • Role-play to practise how to get it
Questioning techniques
  • Importance of listening skills
  • Identifying open & closed questions
  • Brainstorm purposes & pitfalls
  • Dangerous questioning styles
  • What is it , what does it do for us and how is it important?
  • Create a sales tool by analysing recent sales situations and creating qualification criteria
  • Using the qualification criteria identify the questions we need to ask to qualify a client 'in'
  • What 'holding pattern' can we establish for those who are not ready to buy yet?
  • Next steps
Progressing the sale through commitment
  • The decision-making process
  • Examples of commitment from you and the customer
  • Negative reversing – what it is, how to use it, possible dangers & creating specific examples
  • Asking for commitment – how and when to do it.
Personal actions and course evaluation