Managing sales in a business to business environment

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Duration: 4 Days

"I don't know if we can contribute the 2M USD pipeline increase only to the course but the sales training certainly has had its role in the meetings I've had with TLF to discover new opportunities. Use it carefully, else my boss will instantly increase my target : )"

Gerco Shoemaker

Course Overview:

This course was specifically designed for account managers who were moving into a more field sales environment within the software industry. It was also spread over a three month period between the initial 3 days and the follow-up day.

Course Objectives
  • Day One
    • To build confidence and rapport by developing excellent communication skills and styles
  • Day Two
    • To present with presence, passion and commitment
  • Day Three
    • To build confidence in understanding and using the company's value proposition with customers
  • Day Four
    • To review progress in sales activity and practise skills learned
Day One

Building confidence and rapport through excellent communication skills & styles

  • Understanding the impact of verbal, vocal and non verbal communication and how to use body language successfully
  • Using effective talking and listening skills
  • Developing and using good questioning techniques. Using these questioning techniques to draw out customer needs and objections
  • Role play & review
  • Understanding your preferred communication style
  • Identifying the styles of others including customers
  • Using communication styles to influence others
  • Scenario, preparation and role play
  • Review and key personal actions
Day Two

Presenting with presence, passion and commitment

  • Recap
  • Planning and preparation using ABSOLUTE approach to presentations, techniques for answering questions effectively & identifying your strengths
  • Homework - Presenting a business presentation to customers
  • Review and feedback
  • 'Dragon's Den'. Individual presentations – CIO elevator pitch. Review, feedback and personal actions
Day Three

Building the confidence to understand and use the strength of your Value Proposition

  • Workshop – 'Understanding the Pain Chain' & Feedback
  • Using timescale, budgets, authority and requirements to qualify successfully
  • Creating compelling events and developing needs
  • 'Dragon's Den'. Individual presentations – CIO elevator pitch, product position & value stack
  • Awards for best performance and most improved over the 3 days
  • Evaluation, 30, 60, 90 day commitment and finish
Day Four

Sales Training Follow-up

  • Recap of previous course including:
    • Actions and progress to date
    • Customer Communication styles profiles
    • Sharing our 30/60/90 day commitments & making them better
    • DVD of Dragon's Den & presentations
  • How to develop needs
  • Diagnosing, exploring and helping the customer stack their needs against your proposition
  • Workshop – 'Understanding the Pain Chain'
  • Creating compelling events
  • 'Dragon's Den Preparation and Break
  • 'Dragon's Den'
  • Individual presentations – CIO elevator pitch, product position & value stack plus feedback
  • Personal Actions & finish