Negotiation and Influencing Skills

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Duration: 2 Days

"I now know how to negotiate so that everybody wins. It has also been useful in helping me understand how my priorities conflict with my boss's and vice versa. It has also helped us negotiate my workload more effectively"

Joanne Kirk, National Operations Manager

Outline: Successful Negotiation Skills gives a structured methodology and a range of skills and techniques for any negotiation situation. Delegates are taught a range of strategies to adopt in any given negotiation situation. They are taught how to analyse strengths and weaknesses and the importance of researching the other party's position. The conclusion of the course is an exercise illustrating the creation of win-win situations and mutually acceptable outcomes.

Who should attend? People who manage others, have purchasing responsibility, are involved in selling products or in concluding cross party agreements.

Course Objectives:
  • Types of negotiation
  • Communication for negotiation
  • Why negotiate?
  • Planning the negotiation strategy
  • Researching the other party's position
  • The value of intelligence
  • Skills needed in negotiation
  • Win-Win outcomes
  • Closing the negotiation
Course Overview:
  • What negotiation is and why it is important
  • How to plan and prepare for negotiations
  • How to structure negotiations
  • Negotiating styles
  • Personal power and how to increase it
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Movement and concessions
  • Developing win-win solutions
  • The closing stages of negotiation
  • Short negotiation exercises
  • How to put lessons into practice
  • Role-plays - delegates have the opportunity to carry out a real ongoing individual situations