Telephone Skills Training

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Duration: 1 Day

"Our standards for taking and making calls are usually very good. This course means that everyone is aware of the need for consistent high standards for all of our customers."

John Dick, Head of Operations

Course Objectives
  • To establish the most appropriate issues to be dealt with during the training for staff
  • To prioritise the content for the course
  • To discuss the emphasis of each training session
  • To agree the right methodology for delivery (E.g. role play, quizzes, camera feedback, group work etc.)
  • Discussion of course objectives – What do we want them to learn?
  • How to answer the phones:

    What is the agreed Company policy on
    • What we say,
    • How we say it, and
    • What we do while we are saying it.
  • How can we exhibit the right attitude to the customer, while on the phone and any follow-up required?
  • How do we use our communication skills, including listening?
  • How do we deal with objections, complaints and conflict from customers?
  • What use of media should we use to allow the right kind of practise for delegates?
  • How do we emphasise that lack of consistency and poor customer satisfaction levels are unacceptable and will be acted upon