Exceeding customer expectations through excellent customer service

"These courses have influenced greatly the way all of our staff now view their customers. We have seen significant improvements in our customer satisfaction levels and increased sales as a result."

John Fitzgerald, Managing Director

Duration: 2 days
Course Objectives:
  • To work better as a team
  • To understand the customer's needs without losing sight of the sale
  • To provide consistency of service individually and across the team
  • To understand the service cycle both internally and externally
  • To take pride in what we do
  • To make doing business with us a pleasure

The above will be achieved by the following activities and methods:

Module one

The attributes of an effective team member and the organisational benefits
S.W.O.T. analysis – How can we work better as a team?

Module two

Why organisations lose customers – Quiz and research
Review of where we are at the moment and where we want to be
How can we keep our existing customers? – Feedback and role-play

Module three

Identifying moments of truth internally and externally
What are we going to do to fix them?

Module four

Improving the communication process
Communication styles and how it can help, especially with 'major' clients

Module five

Understanding the different types of complainers
Using the L.E.A.R.N. approach to handling complaints and conflict
Role-play using scenarios from the workplace

Module six

Identifying our customer's expectations
Exceeding customer's expectations at 'low cost, no cost'
Personal actions and timescales