Dealing with Customer Conflict

"Through this course I learned to empathise more with customers, understand their internal pressures and help provide a more mutually acceptable solution. Everybody was happy and they even apologised for the strength of feelings expressed."

Ashraf Sheikh, Key account manager.

This course was designed for relationship managers within several industry sectors

Duration: One day
Course Introduction:

The course focuses on how to deal with customers effectively. By the end of the course each delegate will appreciate the importance of working through customer expectations and how to deal with sources of conflict without negatively impacting on the relationship. Communication skills are a key element of the course to help the Team understand how to recognise the preferred communication style of the person or people they are working with. They will also learn the importance of following up to ensure that their promises have been delivered.

Core competencies developed during this programme:

  • communication skills
  • establishing win-win positions
  • understanding behaviour
  • problem-solving
  • personal control
  • effective team working
Course Content:
Day One
Training Description Outcomes
Introduction & Icebreaker Person Shield What do we stand for as a business?
Communication Styles Questionnaire, research & practical tips Identifying the best and most effective ways to communicate with each other and customers
Day One / cont.
Training Description Outcomes
Why organisations lose customers? Research associated with happy and dissatisfied customers Beginning with the right attitude is key to success
Moments of Truth Identifying the key situations where the customer has an opportunity to gain an impression of the company, the team and the individual Taking control of moments of truth and ensuring a positive, lasting impression with the customer
The L.E.A.R.N. approach Using an effective model for dealing with conflict on the phone, by e mail and face to face. A tried and tested model for mitigating conflict and handling difficulties when they arise
Role play Opportunity to practise L.E.A.R.N. and review performance Chance to practise and learn from colleagues
Using higher order listening skills Active listening: How to use it effectively Ability to summarise the client's needs and your actions effectively
Assertion skills Using assertion skills to maintain your company's negotiated position Practice in how to maintain your dignity and not take criticism personally
Personal actions and course evaluation Actions written down and time-framed Opportunity to commit to future actions and behaviours